famous photographer Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon was given birth on May 15, 1923 in New York City. He is a famous photographer born to a Jewish Russian family. He is one enthusiastic person. He tries hard for achievement. He’d his very first camera presented to him by his father as a going-away gift. His camera is a rolleiflex camera; in which he used to his job capturing identification pictures at the crewmen at the Merchant Marines. After then, around 1944, he had soon begun working at a mall as a promotional photographer. Of which this provided his way to success and introduction to public. While doing his work, he was scouted by an art manager for a fashion magazine (Harper’s Bazaar) who’s Alexey Brodovitch

Doing his way to the digital photography area, he’s got made a lot of awesome photos. In the year 1946, Avedon already got his first studio. He helps in providing photos for magazines like Life and Vogue. With his capacity to take outstanding photos effortlessly, he took over as chief photographer of the Harper’s Bazaar. Around 1952, he worked as a photographer and Staff publisher of the Theatre Art Magazine. Many photographers and aspirant photographer are impressed with his techniques because he possesses the exclusive ability and style onto taking a fashion photo. Avedon isn’t like the average photographer who would take fashion picture where models wait around and strikes the perfect pose. Instead, he is on to the moving, joking, smiling and all that is in action. Yet at the end of the year 1950’s, he got tired of the daylight photography. He then began to have his pictures in his studio using a strobe light.

Avedon didn’t only center his photography on fashion but he also did take photos in a few unusual locations and environment such as the mental hospital, the fall of Berlin Wall, as well as the protestors of the Vietnam War. Changing his settings made him become more flexible in the photography fields. He even took images of popular personalities just like the Beatles, Manilyn Monroe, Ezra Pound, Dwight D and more. While taking photo, Avedon tries to speak to his models. With this, he is able to capture the normal self of the model. He could get the true self of the model through which not every photographer could take a shot of.

Avedon is always on to taking photographs of people and never merely getting the shot itself but also capturing the soul and personality of his subject. Avedon has always worked his best not only for his own sake but also for showing the general public the real art of photography. Because of his excellence, Avedon became the 1st photographer to work for The New Yorker as a staff photographer. Avedon died on October 1, 2004 at the age of 81.

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